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How to Find a Reliable Agent for My Amazon Business from China ?

How to Find a Reliable Agent for My Amazon Business from China ?

Find the Best Amazon Sourcing Agents to Grow Your Amazon Business, Chinassistant is What You Need, Here is the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ ) Related to Amazon Business

The Shipping Price Fluctuates from Time to Time, for Air Shipping, Price Constantly Changes, for Sea Shipping, Price is Stable, You Can Get the Price Anywhere, Here I Refer to a Logistics Website for You to Check the Market Price, Https://

You Don't Need to Use This Platform, but It Can Help You to Get the Current Market Price.

It is Hard to Say. Even in China, the Chinese Sellers Sometimes Are Also Cheated by the Freight Forwarders.
For This Business, You Need to Dispatch Your Goods to Ff's Warehouse and Pay off Before Departing China.

Here Are Some Tips for Avoiding This Issue.

1. Check the Market Price Before Bargain, if You Only Looking for Lowest Price, the Hidden Risks Are Also Along with You.
2. Use the Trustworthy Service Provider, Alibaba Seller Can Also Help You to Dispatch It, if You Have Trustworthy Chinese Business Partner,you Can Also Use Them

The Chargeable Weight is the Actual Gross Weight or the Volumetric Weight of the shipment – whichever is the greater.

Typically, large items with a light overall weight take up more space on an aircraft than a small, heavy item. That's why the Airlines charge according to Chargeable Weight.

Volumetric Weight Can Be Calculated by Multiplying the Length, Width and Height of a Parcel (in Cm) and Dividing That Figure by 5000 (some Carriers Use a Divisor of 6000).

You May Often Find That the Price of Your Shipment is Dictated by the Volumetric Weight of Your Parcel(s) Rather Than the Physical Weight.

Here is a Formula:   VW=volumetric Weight

Vm= Lenght X Height X Height /5000. ( by Dhl,fedex,ups, Aramax, the Factor is 5000, by Other Shipping Company, Normally the Factor is 6000)

Eg.1 : 30cmx60cmx43cm, by Dhl
Vm=30x60x43/5000= 16.2kg

Eg.2 : 30cmx60cmx43cm, by Airline Shipping
Vm=30x60x43/6000= 12.9kg


You Can Calculate on Dhl Offcial Website

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