China - Business Travel

China – Business Travel

Tips for Traveling to China on Business, You don’t need to be worried about your business trip to China, Reminds: in China, Some Hotel/hostels Cant Host Foreigners, Before You Place Order , Please Call Them in Advance.

You Cant Find Money Exchange Shop Easily, Beoz We Use E-money( Like Alipay, Wechat Pay).

  • There Are 2 Ways You Can Get the Local Currency.
    1. Withdraw from Atm Machine
    2. Go to Bank

There is Another Way  (ONLY FOR URGENCY)

No Matter Where You Are in China(even You Are in Countryside or in the Mountain).

if You Are in Urgency, You Can Send My Money by Paypal, and I Will Send You Money by Wechat/alipay to Your Surroundings Who is Chinese People.

The Paypal Service Fee is 5%+35usd. ( This is the Cost from Sending by Paypal)

Eg1: if You Need 100usd Equivalent Amount Chinese, You Need to Transfer (100+100x5%)+35

Eg2: if You Need to Send 1000usd, You Need to Transfer (1000+1000x5%)+35

In China ,we Cant Visit Google, Facebook, Ins,tiktok, Gmail,google Map Etc.

Thence You Need to Install Vpn in Advance

With Vpn, You Can Roam International Internet

In China, There Are Mainly 3 Giants, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile is the Most Professional

You Can Order the Hotel/apartment by Booking, Agoda,airbnb Etc, but It Has Less Options, These Are Not the Main Stream Hotel Booking Apps in China.

For Hotel Booking, You Can Use 去哪儿qunar ( 携程ctrip(
飞猪 Fliggy(

If You Want to Download These Apps , You Can Copy and Paste Its Chinese Name Below

去哪儿qunar:              去哪儿
携程ctrip:                       携程
飞猪 Fliggy:                   飞猪

Reminds: in China, Some Hotel/hostels Cant Host Foreigners, Before You Place Order , Please Call Them in Advance.
(p.s. Since You Dont Have Chinese Bank Card, if You Want to Order Hotels/hostel Online, Please Contact us)

If You Are in City, You Can Get Food Anywhere, but if You Want to Check More, You Can Use Food Ordering App: 美团
To Get This App, You Can Copy the Keywords:      美团

(if You Don't Have Chinese Bank Card, You Cant Order It, but at Least You Can Check the Info on It, or You Can Contact Us for Help)

For Muslim:
If You Need Halal Food, You Can Type the Keywords    清真    on This App,it Means Halal Food

Since Google Map is Not Available in China , You Can Download Baidu Map (百度地图 or Amap(高德地图 Advance.

Personally I Use Amap(高德地图 Https://

For Downloading, You Can Type the Keywords:
Amap高德地图:          高德地图
Baidu Map百度地图:         百度地图

If You Are in the Following 28 Cities, You Can Take Metro Service

(beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chongqing, Changsha, Ningbo, Guiyang, Chengdu, Hefei, Dalian, Nanjing, Kunming, Dongguan, Suzhou, Wuxi, Shenyang, Changchun, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Qingdao, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Harbin)

Actually We Are in Big City, Personally I Didnt Take Bus for Many Years, but You Can Try It, Normally the Charge is 2rmb ( Around 0.3usd)

If You Take Taxi, Plz Insist Them to Charge by Meter and Ask for Invoice, Sometimes the Driver Will Detour, you Need to Check Your Map Navigation.

Car Hailing Service: ( Like Uber)
When You Use the Map App (amap高德地图),actually It Has Car Hailing Service, You Can Order It and Pay by Cash.

Train/bullet Train:
Now in China, the Bullet Train Network is Very Developed, You Can Take Bullet Train, and Buy the Ticket at the Train Station, Its Under Real Name Authentification, Dont Forget to Take Your Passport.

China is Not an English Speaking country, Also You Have Google Translator, but in Case Your Vpn Doesn't Work, You Can Also Install the Chinese App Youdao

Also, You Can Learn Some Simple Words, It Will be a  Way to Greet People:

Thanks: 谢谢 Xiexie,  The Pronouciation is Similar Like [ˈʃæʃæ]
Hello:你好. Nihao,  The Pronouciation is Similar Like.  [ni haʊ]
Bye: 拜拜. Byby, The Pronouciation is Similar Like  . [baɪ baɪ]

We Have Have the Tradition to Give Tips to Others, in China, You Don't Need to Tip Someone


Price Index

This is from My Personal Life Experience, We Just Share the Average Price from Daily Life ( Excluding the Luxury Lifestyle)

Food in Eatery: 15-30rmb ( Its Around 2.5-5usd)
Food at Shopping Mall: 100rmb (15usd)

if you have a group of 3-4 people, the cost will be around 300-500 rmb ( around 50-80usd),you can also set a lower budget, it depends on you

Flag Down Fare: (0-3km, 10-15rmb) , 2-2.5usd

Ticket Price for Touristy Spot:
For 4 Star Scenic Spot, the Admission Fee is Normally Around 180rmb ( 30usd Around)


3 Star Downwards: 100-300 Rmb ( 20-50usd Per Night, Check in Time : 12pm or 1pm ).
If You Have Good Budget , Your Comfort Level Will Be Higher.

I Suggest You to Set Your Budget at Around 100usd/night, in This Case, You Can Have a Good Living Conditions,and Be More Energetic on Your Business Trip


Scenic Spots

City Tour

If You Take a City Toor ( Like Visit the Great Wall), the Cost is Acceptable.

If You Go to Resort, the Cost Will Be China, We Often Hear the Bad News Like "the Restaurant Owner Charges Clients for 1500usd Per Meal"(something Like That) and the Hotel Price Will Be Also High. That is Why Many Chinese Prefers to Visit Thailand Instead。
If You Go to These Places, Its Better to Order Online.

Nature Tour

If You Want to See the Nature Beauty, Especially in West China, the Cost Will Also Be High

If You Are a Backpacker, Hitchhiker, or You Have Very Less Budget, You Can Ignore This Part.