Buying Rules

This Rule is Mainly for Small Orders ( Under 1000 U S D ) and Those Who Want Miscellaneous Items with a Few Piece.

1. Why We Set a Buying Rule ?

Many African Area Has Bad Internet Connection, They Even Don’t Check the Product Catalog, They Prefer Us to Reply and Chat on Whatsapp, It Consumes Much Energy if We Both Follow a Rule, the Communication Will Be Easier.

By Setting the Rules:

  • I Can Quickly Edit the Order Draft for You.
  • We Can Have an Easier Communication
  • We Can Serve More People
  • We Can Build a Better Partnership

2. Buying Rules

1.Sending Order by Following the Format/template

Please Send Your Product Pictures with Details ( Such As Color, Size, Quantity Details)
If You Spam a Lot of Pictures Without Saying Anything, We Will Ignore These Pointless Inquiries.

2.MOQ ( Minimal Order Requirements for a Certain Design )

For a Certain Design, Make Sure the Moq is over 2, Because Most Factory Set the Moq 2, if You Only Need 1 Pcs, Sometimes We Need to Call Factory, in This Case, It Will Take Us More Time

3.Be Loyal

For Regular Buyers/ Loyal Buyers, the Buying Rules is More Loose, in This Way, Please Try to Be Our Business Partner, and You Will Get Better Service and Business Support.

3.How to Place Order ?

  1. Send Your Order Details
  2. We Will Edit the Order Draft
  3. when You Confirm the Draft, Please Arrange the Payment
  4. After Receiving the Payment, We Will Purchase from Factory Immediately
  5. after 3-5 Days, when We Get All the Parcels, We Will Do the Inspection Work for You
    In This Case, We Will Open Each Parcel, Checking Quality, Size, Quantity Etc. and Send You Feedbacks
  6. when You Approve the Quality, We Will Repack and Dispatch It to Your Shipping Agent

I Put 2 Videos Here, You Can Check Either One

4. How to Use Paypal ?

  • If This is Your First Time to Use Paypal, You Need to :
  1. Download Paypal
  2. Register an Account
  3. Bind Your Bank Card with
  4. Paypal Account
  5. Sending Money

5. Size Issue

For Most African Buyers.
Shoe Size:

Mostly They Use Uk Size.
But in China, We Dont Use Uk Size, if You Want Branded Shoes Like Nike, You Need to Tell Chinese Supplier Europe Size, You Can Convert on Google; and for Other Unbranded Shoes, You Need to Check Chinese Size, Normally We Measure the Toe to Heel Length, then Refer to the Size Chart.

For Most Regular Buyers, the Shoe Size is Not a Big Issue; if You Are New in This Business, You Can Check on Google or Ask Your Friends.

Clothes Size:

Especial for Kids Size, Many Africans Will Tell Us:

” We Want a T-shirt for 7years Old Boy” .

Unfortunately, the Chinese Factories Doesn’t Understand It.

Normally We Use Size 100cm, 110cm, 120cm,130cm Etc.

For More Buying Rules and Details, Please Check Here: >>  Click to Know More Rules


Mostly Other Agents Will Order from Alibaba, and Ask Factory to Send Your Parcel Directly to the Shipping Agents, They Never Help You to Check the Quantity/quality and Other Details.
The Buying Service from Our Company, We Will Open and Check Each Parcels and Give the Buyer Feedback Before Dispatching, in This Way, We Can Intercept a Lot of Disputes for You. Meanwhile, We Have Professional Knowledge and Experience


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