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This is Your Home

Hi, My Name is Yancy Living And Working in Shenzhen City (china), Before Running into This Business, I Was a Global Traveler, during My Trip, Many People Hosted Me, and in This Way, I Can Deeply and Extensively Explore the Local Area. I Feel Grateful for It.

Affected by the Covid-19, I Returned to Shenzhen, but I Remember Those Who Have Helped Me, So the First Thing in My Mind is to Pass on the Kindness Forever. I Rented a 2 Bed Room Apartment, One is for Hosing the Foreigner. Maybe It’s Affected by Covid-19, There is No Much Requiry.

In the Year 2022, I Will Move to City Center, Which Means the Public Transportation Will Be More Convenient, I Never Forget Those Kind People and Maybe Some Day when You Come to China, You Also Need a Place to Rest, to Stay, whatever.

You Can Order Everything Online, but I Hope This Chinese Home Will Also Be a Reason to Lead You Here, to Unite Us, and to Help Whose Who is in Need..or Maybe in This Place, Someday We Can Meet, Have a Peaceful Talk. and Don’t Forget, You Are Also the Host of This Home.

This is Not a Business Project, It is Non-profitable, but if You Are Interested, Lets Get Started

Who Can Stay for Free ?

  • Project Participaters
  • Donor
  • Regular Clients
  • Loyal Clients
  • Others:If Our Room is Available or Empty,we Can Consider to Hose Whose Who Are in Need, Such As Backpackers,short-term Stay Foreigners

Where is the Project Location?

Shenzhen City| Guangzhou City| Chengdu City| Beijing City| Shanghai Cit

Status: in Preparation

What We Need?

This is Npo(non-profit Organization) Project, We Need Your Participation/ Donation/ Sponsorship and Join Us to Work It Out .

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